Preparation strategy for NTA NET Paper 1


Preparation strategy for NTA NET Paper 1

Before starting your preparation for paper 1 it's very important to have a well-planned strategy. Here Disksha discusses five important points that you should give priority during your NET Paper 1 preparation.

  1. Syllabus is the lock.

    Get familiarised with the syllabus. Read the syllabus multiple times and be thorough with the various topics and subtopics. After the latest revision of paper 1 syllabus, there is more clarity regarding different topics.


    Syllabus is discussed in detail in Previous article,to get the article click Here

  2. Previous Questions is the key.

    Studying previous questions thoroughly is very important for the exam. It helps us mainly in two ways

    1. Become familiarised with the pattern of the exam.
    2. Get some repeated questions from the static topics like Teaching Aptitude, Communication etc.


    You can get Previous questions from various websites including Diksha Classroom website.To get Previous Year Questions click here

  3. Know your weak areas.

    Since Paper 1 syllabus is a vast one, it may not be possible for everyone to study every topic. So, before starting your preparation it is very important to know areas in which you are weak and concentrating more on them. It can be done by attending question papers of the last few years and knowing the topics in which you are weak


    Do the previous question papers that will be send through Diksha in coming days and analyse your marks in individual topics.

  4. On time is a wonderful thing

    Rather than having vast knowledge about paper 1 topics it is more important to attend questions you know within the stipulated time. If you are an average student, you may get more than 70% marks if you take three hours for Paper 1 alone. But here you have to attend both Paper 1 and 2 within three hours.


    Try to do as many questions as possible within fixed time. If possible try to do some question papers within 60 minutes[Eventhough 3 hours will be there for attending both papers]

  5. Be digital always

    In the present competitive world, it's very important to prepare for the exam whenever possible. The best way for such preparation is to use various avenues available on the internet. You can use various Youtube channels, preparation apps, study management apps, e-readers etc.


    Try to use all the possibilities for your preparation from the internet.

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